Jo’s Nurses: Dream One, Do One, Lead One

Jo’s Nurses is a medical mission program for current, active nurses who have never volunteered abroad but want to begin to incorporate volunteering into their careers. Individuals or small groups of nurses will travel with a mentor from One Nurse At A Time with selected organizations from the One Nurse directory.  One Nurse At A Time provides pre-trip orientation and training so nurses are comfortable and informed, financial support and hands-on supervision.  Nurses commit to at least one additional volunteer mission the year following their Jo’s Nurses experience.

Jo’s Nurses is named after Marilyn Jo Schuyler, an early supporter of One Nurse At A Time, who set up a memorial fund to assist nurses who have never been on a mission before. She hoped the experience would ignite a passion for volunteering.

If you’ve always wanted to do an international volunteer mission, consider joining a Jo’s Nurses trip.   

  1. There is no $75 application fee
  2. ONAAT provides a trip mentor to help you be successful in your first mission.
  3. If needed, ONAAT can provide financial support/scholarship funds.  We encourage you to include family, friends, coworkers, church or other support groups in your funding process.
  4. Your application will be evaluated by the board of directors.  This is a competitive process, so please be comprehensive in your application.
  5. We will contact you once your application is received and again when a decision is reached.


Eligibility criteria for participation in One Nurse At A Time’s Jo’s Nurses Program:

  1. Active nursing license (LPN, RN, ARNP).
  2. For tax purposes, financial assistance is only awarded to American taxpayers.
  3. The nurse must be volunteering his/her services for the first time (as a nurse) internationally.



  • Start the process by sending an email to  The subject line should read Your last name, first name, and Jo’s Nurses
    • In your email, tell us:
      1. Your legal name, address, telephone numbers, email address,
      2. Active nursing license number and state,
      3. How did you become aware of One Nurse At A Time?
      4. Explain your financial need, if any.
      5. Attach your CV/Resume


ONAAT is committed to supporting only ethical and sustainable humanitarian practices. Please fully answer the following questions:

  1. Besides your nursing skills, what qualities do you bring to the mission to support accepted humanitarian principles?
  2. What is your viewpoint of global health and humanitarian nursing, and how does it mesh with the ethical framework of the organization you are joining? Include such areas as access to services, cost to patients, pre-requisites to care, standards of care (for example, use of expired medications/supplies, performing tasks beyond the scope of care in country of origin, etc.).
  3. Discuss supervision of your work by the One Nurse mentor. How will you address potential adverse outcomes?
  4. What is your view of capacity building on your mission and how will it contribute to the community you serve?  Describe how you intend to involve local staff.
  5. Discuss the sustainability of the program, after-care for your patients, lasting overall impact on the community for the future.
  6. What do you hope to learn, and what will be your legacy for this mission?


Our application process is very selective, so please be comprehensive in your responses to the above questions. You will be notified when your application is received and once a decision has been made.

If accepted as a Jo’s Nurse, you will then be asked to apply with the organization conducting the mission trip. That organization may have team fees, may ask you to make your own flight arrangements, etc.  Your Jo’s Nurses mentor can assist with pre-trip organizing.

Thank you for your interest in beginning your volunteer humanitarian nursing career!



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