12 Skills You Can Learn Just by Volunteering

I remember the first time I volunteered at a local animal shelter. I thought I was just going to help out and maybe cuddle with some cute animals. Little did I know, that experience would teach me so much more than just the day-to-day operations of a shelter. From leadership to communication, the skills I … Read more

How To Convince Your Parents To Let You Volunteer Abroad?

Volunteer convincing parents

Have you ever dreamed of making a positive impact on the world, exploring new cultures, and gaining incredible experiences? Volunteering abroad might be the perfect way to do just that. But wait, you might be thinking, how do you convince your parents to let you take this exciting step? Well, we’ve got you covered. In … Read more

7 Best Volunteer Abroad Destinations for Spanish Speakers in 2013: Spanish Lover’s Guide

Volunteer Abroad Destinations for Spanish Speakers

Volunteering abroad is not just an opportunity to make a positive impact on communities in need; it’s also a chance to immerse oneself in a new culture, learn a language, and gain invaluable life experiences. For Spanish speakers, or those aiming to hone their Spanish skills, selecting a destination where the language is spoken can … Read more